About Merkaba


We purchased our first Bengal, as a pet, in 1998 and named her Merkaba.  The name is from the 18th Dynasty Egyptian dialect meaning Light, Body, Soul.  Though she screamed her head of f  the entire two our drive home and would not let us anywhere near her for two months, Merkaba somehow touched our hearts and we have never been the same.  We wanted to create some beautiful Bengals of our own, cats that appeared to have just stumbled out of the wilds of the rainforest yet loving and gentle, too.

We soon had a boy for Merkaba to breed to, and from there we grew and grew and grew!  The Bengals became our lives!  We built a 60' x 100' beautiful  building with linoleum and carpets and all the amenities of  home for our Bengals and their babies.  The cat shows were addicting!  We attended every show within a day's driving distance for the first three years, and never made it to even one final.  But, we loved it and continued on with our vision of what a show Bengal should be.  Then after five years of giggles and tears and tens of thousands of dollars we saw our dream kitties created right before our eyes.  The judges rewarded our efforts with win after win and Merkaba Bengals became nearly unbeatable in the show rings.

Our Bengal babies started selling like wildfire...................we had litter after litter, working from morning till night in our quest, our lives were completely taken over with Bengals.......Bengal buyers, Bengal shows, sales, airport trips to fly our babies all around the world, emails and phone calls to talk with our Bengal buddies, Bengal buyers and prospective buyers.

Then in 2006 we were blessed with the most amazing news.........I was pregnant!  At 43 years old, I was amazed and oh so blessed with the news.  All of our priorities needed to change......that was a certainty.  During the nine months we were waiting for our bundle of joy to arrive, we sold all but four of our prized Bengals. 

On January 4th of 2007 we were blessed with the most amazing little boy we could have ever asked for "Elijah Mathew"!!  

Our Little Angel  ~Elijah~

As I write this it is October 2007 and we are just now starting to think about creating some more lovely Bengal babies.  It will be on a much much smaller scale, with just one to two litters a year. With God's blessing our kittens will continue to be more amazing with each generation.  Our cattery building has been turned into a woodshop and our Bengal babies, from this point on, will all be raised underfoot in our home along side Elijah.

Update:  On December 22nd, 2008 we had a beautiful litter of babies!  Check our "available" page to see them.