We enjoyed the fun and excitement of the cat show world for a brief time.  We no longer have the time to attend shows, but enjoy seeing what our kittens and grand-kittens are doing around the world.

 To see our winning show cats and what other breeders have done with their Merkaba Show Kittens please scroll down

RW TGC Merkaba Lightning Strikes Twice....aka "Stretch".    Stretch was the Best Bengal Kitten in the Great Plains Region.  Showing as an adult he finished only a few points shy of GRAND champion in his very first show. When we quit showing our cats, he had achieved TGC in just a couple of shows.

Merkaba Diamonique championed in her first adult show and went on to TGC in just a couple of shows.


Merkaba Golden Flash championed in his first show


Look below to see what show stopping kittens have been produced with Merkaba Cats!!!


God blessed us with a very special little girl  named ~Merkaba Covergirl~ she went to live with Gene Decote of Gogees Bengals and gave her some very famous cutting-edge kittens. Just a few of them are pictured below.


Merkaba Covergirl



The #1 Bengal Kitten in the World 2004-2005
RW Quadruple Grand Champion Gogees Playboy of Jater

At the 2004 On Safari annual Bengal show, Casanova won the Breeder's Choice Award for Best Kitten Rosettes !

Gogees Chippindale DGC Gogees Center Stage


 We were also blessed with an amazing boy  named ~Merkaba Asteroid~   He was sold to Keith and Gloria Richards of Rainforest Bengals and see what he produced for them below!


Merkaba Asteroid


T Austion of TNT Bengals started her cattery with the two following Merkaba Girls. She has produced some extremely stunning kittens with both of them and her kittens have been very sought after.

Merkaba Meyla Rosa of  TNT

Merkaba Mia Nairobi of TNT

TNT Duke


TNT Katana

TNT Tony the Tiger

TNT Lexus

TNT Silvur

TNT Alexander


We sold Merkaba A Kodak Moment  to Darcy Davison of Boulder Ridge Bengals and the kitten pictured to the right was one of the girls he blessed her with

Merkaba A Kodak Moment


Sundari Limited Edition


Merkaba Mirage was sold to Allison Adams of Spotagious Bengals. 

One of the kittens Mirage produced for her is pictured to the right.

Merkaba Mirage


Spotagious High Stakes of Jabari....aka  "Reno"   He championed in his very first show.